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 AH Juice

AH Juice was created in January 2008 in response to the need for Ascending Health patients-to provide high quality raw, organic, live juice. All people will benefit by doing a juice fast and/or by regularly drinking high quality fresh pressed juices (providing a dense nutritional substrate).

From the onset introducing juice as part of patients' healing protocol produced remarkable and fast results. Friends and acquaintances hearing what we were doing requested their own. Within 3 months, the Juicery's presence was solidified... and has continued to offer Santa Barbara the Highest Quality Organic & Raw Cold Pressed juice. 

We press juice daily from Monday to Saturday. Available by 7:30 am, M-F, by 9 am on Saturdays, at Cafe. Available at several other locations in Goleta, Santa Barbara, and individual deliveries (check AH Juice for times and locations). 

Click here to go to ahjuice.

You may also reach the juicery by phone: 805.698.5443