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“I took the herbs Alfred prescribed for one month….and I feel like a new person.” 

“I opted for several treatments of acupuncture and herbs with Alfred before doing arthroscopic surgery on my knee.  Several months later I am hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and walking without pain. Amazing!”

“I was experiencing a nagging cough which had remained for a couple of months in spite of the several bouts of antibiotics.  Within two weeks of treatment with Dr. Pomerleau my cough went away.”

“I can’t believe how much my life has improved.  I feel like I have a new body. I feel sensational.”

“After being released from the hospital for severe malnourishment I sought the guidance of Ascending Health.  Two months later my medical doctor was shocked at my lab results and thought there was a mistake, there wasn’t.  Thanks Alfred”

“When I began acupuncture I had an open mind.  I also was a beginning runner.  This being said I have gone to Alfred’s office with a multitude of sports injuries including a pulled groin, a twisted ankle, severe leg cramps, and hip pain.  I am in awe that Alfred’s educated and caring approach has cut my recovery time from weeks to days.  Highly recommended!”